ADT Participation in the 10th China Semiconductor Equipment Annual Conference

On October 27th-29th, the 10th Semiconductor Equipment Annual Conference was held at the Wuxi International Expo Center with great fanfare. The event brought together many excellent semiconductor industry companies to exhibit, attracting the visit of many industry professionals. ADT also participated in the event.

ADT specializes in the development of semiconductor wafer cutting (dicing), chip package component cutting, hard microelectronic component (MEC) dicing systems and processes, as well as blade production. Currently, ADT is the only enterprise in China and one of only two in the world that owns core components such as dicing machine equipment, high-performance and high-precision air spindles, and blade consumables. ADT is the third-largest semiconductor dicing equipment manufacturer in the world.

ADT's dicing equipment has a wide range of functions and configurations, with a high degree of automation and great selectivity. At the same time, ADT also provides peripheral equipment and consumables to meet customers' growing needs. With its rich professional knowledge accumulated in equipment, blades, and process flows, the company provides customers with comprehensive dicing solutions.

With the continuous development of the domestic semiconductor industry and the increasing demand for products, the continuous expansion of domestic chip manufacturing capabilities and the continuous improvement of packaging and testing capabilities have brought more demand for scribers. In the current trend of increasingly tense Sino-US trade war, as a domestic brand, ADT hopes to contribute to the localization of production.

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