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Technical Strength

Technical strength

Industry accumulation · Inheritance

LP, a subsidiary of GLTech Group, is the global inventor of semiconductor wafer dicing machines. ADT inherits 40 years of research and development and manufacturing experience from the American company K&S, and has a deep understanding and creativity in product development and industry applications.

Core components · Independent mastery

LPB's high-precision air spindle has been widely used in the industry. ADT has become the only two companies in the world that simultaneously master the core technology of dicing machines and air spindles. ADT's blade technology is leading in the industry.

Local R&D · Accumulate strength from the thinness

Driven by technology, R&D investment has exceeded 10% for consecutive years. The domestic team that adheres to the concept of " living innovation " has successfully achieved localized R&D and the performance of semiconductor dicing equipment is on par with industry benchmarks.