ADT Participated in the 20th China Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Technology and Market Annual Conference

On November 14-16, the 20th China Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Technology and Market Annual Conference was held as scheduled at the Nantong International Conference Center, and ADT participated as an invited exhibitor.

The conference brought together more than 20 industry experts, nearly 100 speakers, and over 100 exhibitors, attracting more than 3,000 elite members of the downstream packaging and testing industry chain.

With the development of electronic products towards high performance, multi-functionality, and miniaturization, the role of packaging is becoming more prominent. Advanced packaging has become an industry with large-scale development in China's semiconductor industry chain.

In recent years, benefiting from the prosperous terminal market and the country's support for high-tech enterprises, various regions have increased their support for the domestic equipment supply chain. The overall scale of semiconductor equipment has shown an upward trend, and domestic equipment has more opportunities for verification and trial use. Multiple favorable factors are increasing the efforts to improve the nationalization rate of packaging and testing equipment.

In 2019, with GL Tech as the leader and the joint efforts of several Chinese institutions, the acquisition of 100% equity of ADT was completed, and the new ADT was born. Since 2020, the new ADT has been headquartered and developed in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, with a production base in Yokneam, Israel for overseas research and development, and production, and a sales center in Pudong, Shanghai to layout global business. As a 100% Chinese enterprise, the new ADT is committed to promoting the localization of semiconductor equipment, breaking the monopoly position of international equipment manufacturers, and has become one of the preferred brands for domestic customers to replace imported equipment.

In recent years, the new ADT has participated in various semiconductor exhibitions and forums, learned from various experiences, continuously researched and improved products to meet the needs of different customers, and is committed to pushing the company's products to new heights.

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