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Development Path

In 2021, the company achieved a rapid transformation from scratch and from 1 to N, forming a strategic layout in which the IoT business and semiconductor equipment business are equally important.


Continuously innovate and move forward

The company is headquartered in Zhengzhou and has research and development and production bases.

The overseas research and development and production base is located in Yokneam, Israel.

The global operation center is located in Zhengzhou and Shanghai Pudong.


Chinese-funded acquisition, birth of new ADT

In October 2019, Guangli Tech led the establishment of Advanced Dicing Technology (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. and completed the acquisition of 100% equity of ADT, giving birth to the new ADT.


Deeply cultivating the industry and growing

For more than a decade, ADT has continuously grown in the field of cutting equipment and blades used in semiconductors and electronic products, accumulating rich cutting experience, and occupying a place in the market.


Company founded, ADT born

Advanced Dicing Technology Co., Ltd. was established, originated from the cutting equipment and blade business of K&S Company in the United States. It became a high-tech company in Israel.