12-inch dual-spindle automatic dicer

6231 is a dual spindle dicing saw with high precision and high efficiency. It can dice product up to 12" in diameter and has the smallest footprint among similar machines.

  • Automatic image recognition
  • Multiple alignment modes for various needs
  • Utilized least squares algorithm to ensure alignment of linear arc products
  • Supports fully automatic alignment for multi-piece positioning
  • Supports independent setting of cutting sequence

Product Introduction

6231 is a dual spindle dicing saw with high precision and high efficiency. It can dice product up to 12″ in diameter and has the smallest footprint among similar machines.



· lmproved cutting quality

Advanced design conception; low vibration spindle; optimized structure is to satisfy cutting performance


· Automatic software

Auto alignment function; auto kerf check function; self-adjustment function; process data logging and statistical analysis


· High adaptability of processing

High power spindle is also available


· Easy operation

Full 17″ touch screen for alignment, data entry and machine monitoring; flexible keyboard design contributes to dataediting efficiently; multi一touch operation can enhance operating performance; one-click return to main interface can suit operating habits of mobile users


· Space saving

Small footprint

Machine Feature

  • Spindle: exclusively tailored with optimized design; high-speed operation with ultra-low vibration.
  • Grinding wheel cover structure: cutting area equipped with a super clean nozzle for cleaning.
  • BBD: upgraded algorithm for more stable detection.
  • Microscope: faster scratch inspection speed; higher precision straightening results.
  • Non-contact height measurement unit: equipped with dual non-contact height measurement units, providing higher efficiency; pollution-proof cover design reduces maintenance frequency.



Software Function

  • New GUI interface
  • Automatic positioning
  • Automatic scratch detection. The detection items include: distance from the center of the scratch to the target position, scratch width, maximum scratch width, width from the center of the scratch to the edge, maximum burr width, and burr size.
  • Follow-up keyboard design with automatic filtering and search function during the input process.
  • Picture-in-picture function for real-time zooming of the central screen during operation, significantly improving operation accuracy.



Maximum Workpiece Size ø300 mm or 300×300(mm)
X-axis Cutting Range 310 mm
Feed Rate Input Range 0.1-1000mm/s
Y1/Y2-axis Cutting Range 310 mm
Single Step (Resolution) 0.1 μm
Cumulative Accuracy ≤ 3 μm / 310 mm
Indexing Accuracy ≤ 2 μm / 5mm
Z1/Z2-axis Maximum Stroke 30 mm
Movement Resolution 0.1 μm
Repeatability Accuracy 1.0 μm
θ-axis Maximum Rotation Angle 380°
Spindle Spindle Type Face to Face Dual Spindle
Rated Torque 0.33 N · m(1.8 kW)
Maximum Rotational Speed 60000rpm
Blade Size 2″ & 3″
Facilities Electrical 380VAC,50 / 60 Hz,three-phase
Air ≥500 L/min
Spindle Coolant Flow Rate 4L/min(@0.3 Mpa)
Cutting Coolant Flow Rate ≥12 L/min
Dimensions 1280×1120×1880 (mm)
Weight Approx. 1700 kg
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