Progress in the construction of the GL Tech-ADT Semiconductor Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

The Chinese semiconductor industry is currently in a golden period of development and growth, with domestic equipment manufacturers increasing their investment to contribute to the "Chinese chip" initiative.

ADT is no exception. Since its acquisition by a Chinese firm in 2019, ADT has continuously improved its equipment localization level and production capacity. As ADT's parent company, GL Tech (a key national high-tech enterprise under the National Torch Program, stock code: 300480) has spared no effort in supporting ADT's localization and capacity expansion by building a semiconductor intelligent manufacturing industrial park.

The industrial park is located in the southern high-end manufacturing cluster of the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Comprehensive Experimental Zone, west of Industrial Road Six and north of Huanghai Road.

Image: Overall plan of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Comprehensive Experimental Zone, with a star indicating the location of the industrial park

The project covers a total area of 178 acres, with a total construction area of 240,000 square meters. It mainly includes production workshops, testing buildings, R&D buildings, office buildings, and supporting facilities. The construction of the first phase of the project officially started in September 2020, and the main part was completed in October 2021. The main focus is on producing domestically made ADT semiconductor wafer cutting machines, originally from Israel, and related core components.

Image: A bird's-eye view schematic diagram of the industrial park

Image: Rendering of the production workshop in the first phase of the industrial par


The first phase of the project is expected to reach production conditions in the second quarter of 2022. After completion, it is expected to produce 500 sets of advanced wafer dicing machines annually. At that time, ADT will provide customers with more sufficient equipment capacity and quality assurance.。

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