Promoting Localization: ADT Participated in the Localization of China’s Semiconductor Technology Equipment Development

The Conference on the Localization of China's Semiconductor Technology Equipment Development was held in Shenzhen on August 16, 2022. Mr. Zhang Peng, the General Manager of the International Department of GL Tech Group, was invited to attend the conference and gave a speech on the opportunities and challenges of domestically produced scribers.

Nowadays, the Sino-US trade war, the US Entity List, and restrictions on technology exports are all "neck-holding" measures to contain the development of China's semiconductor industry. The Sino-US technological friction is increasing, and the localization of semiconductor production in China is becoming urgent.

In 2019, GL Tech, together with several Chinese institutions, completed the acquisition of 100% equity of ADT, realizing the localization process of ADT and actively responding to the promotion of domestic production in the semiconductor industry. The new ADT was born.

Behind the ADT brand is strong support from the LP/LPB core component manufacturing base in the UK, the Haifa base in Israel, and the headquarters and manufacturing base in the Zhengzhou High-tech Zone.

The Conference on the Localization of China's Semiconductor Technology Equipment Development was held concurrently with the 10th China International Electronic Information Expo and the 2022 China Semiconductor Technology Equipment and Materials Exhibition, to jointly discuss the progress, latest trends, key issues, and hot topics in the localization of China's semiconductor industry.

China's packaging and testing capacity accounts for more than 1/4 of the global capacity and is growing rapidly with an increasing market share. Domestic scriber technology has been matured, especially in the high-end scriber, the gap with foreign leading enterprises is gradually narrowing. For domestic customers, the cost-effectiveness, lead time, and supply guarantee of spare parts for domestic scribers will become increasingly prominent factors in the future.

ADT Countermeasures
Capital Resources
Utilizing the advantages of the listed company in terms of capital and resources to quickly narrow the gap with foreign products and begin to surpass them in certain areas.

International Cooperation
Utilizing the acquired companies in Israel and the UK to integrate international resources, engage in international cooperation, and accelerate product development.


Utilizing both domestic and foreign dual channels

By utilizing both domestic and foreign dual bases and dual-channel advantages, both internally and externally, efforts are made to minimize the impact of international political factors in R&D, production, sales, and procurement. The products are developed towards high-performance, multifunctionality, and miniaturization, and the role of packaging is increasingly prominent. Advanced packaging has become a relatively large-scale and developing industry in China's semiconductor industry chain.

In recent years, benefiting from the improved conditions of the terminal market and the support of high-tech enterprises by the government, various regions have increased their support for the domestic equipment supply chain, and the overall trend of the semiconductor equipment scale is on the rise. Domestic equipment has more opportunities for verification and trial use. A variety of favorable factors are increasing the efforts to promote the localization of packaging and testing equipment.

In 2019, led by GL Tech of Guangdong Province, several domestic Chinese institutions completed the acquisition of 100% equity of ADT, and the new ADT was born. Since 2020, the new ADT has its headquarters and R&D production base in Zhengzhou, Henan Province; an overseas R&D and production base in Yokneam, Israel; and a global sales center in Shanghai Pudong. As a 100% domestic Chinese enterprise, the new ADT is committed to supporting the localization of semiconductor equipment, breaking the monopoly of international equipment manufacturers, and has become one of the preferred brands for domestic customers' equipment localization.

In recent years, the new ADT has participated in various semiconductor exhibitions and forums, learned from various experiences, continuously researched and developed and improved products, and is committed to pushing the company's products to new heights to meet the needs of different customers.

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