GLTECH&ADT’s Director and Deputy General Manager, Zhang Jianxin, participated in the 2023 SEMI China Semiconductor Supply Chain International Forum event

The 2023 SEMI China Semiconductor Supply Chain International Forum and SEMI China Member Day were successfully held in Shenzhen from October 18th to October 20th.

The forum invited representatives from various supply chain vendors in the semiconductor equipment and materials industry, as well as industry experts, to discuss existing issues, share market information, and explore the driving forces and opportunities for the development of the semiconductor industry in the current challenging environment.

Director Zhang Jianxin delivered the speech

On the second day of the event, Zhang Jianxin, Director and Deputy General Manager of GL Tech and Director of ADT Company, introduced the development history, main product lines and core components, and latest technological research and development achievements of GL Tech and ADT to the attending experts and industry colleagues under the theme of "semiconductor equipment enterprises that master core technologies and components".

Leading the way in localization of segmented industries

The packaging of chips starts with wafer thinning, cutting, and slicing. As the first domestic listed company in this sub field, GL Tech has gone through three overseas mergers and acquisitions and joined hands with ADT to achieve the localization of core technology for semiconductor packaging equipment

Systematic solution provider

The company focuses on precision equipment, core components, and related consumables, providing customers with customized and optimal solutions. At present, the fully automatic dual spindles dicing machine has been widely used in many well-known sealing and testing factories, and its equipment accuracy, cutting yield, cutting efficiency, etc. have been recognized by users, forming repeated procurement

Deepen the layout and enhance the depth of product strategy

The three major R&D and production bases in the UK, Israel, and Zhengzhou continue to optimize and improve, expand production capacity, and continuously improve product layout and break through barriers around the semiconductor back-end packaging field

In 2023, GLTECH&ADT made new progress in the research and development of multiple product lines, and some domestically produced products entered the batch trial production stage according to plan. The company will continue to adhere to technology driven, customer demand as the core, and rely on accumulated professional knowledge in equipment, blades, and process flow to provide customers with comprehensive cutting solutions.

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