8-inch dual-spindle fully automatic dicer

8" silicon wafer dicing saw or other material such as Glass, SiC and more

  • The equipment has been fully upgraded, with excellent quality, efficiency, and operating experience, and has received high praise from users.
  • The preferred model for domestic replacement of semiconductor wafer cutting equipment in the top 10 semiconductor packaging and testing factories.
  • The core components of the entire machine are independently controllable and are not affected by global economic and political changes.

Product Introduction

8″ silicon wafer dicing saw or other material such as Glass, SiC and more

Machine Feature

  • Flexibility – Supports Hub and Hubless blades up to 3” O.D.
  • Spindles of 1.8 kW or 2.2 kW high power
  • Intuitive operation interface using a large 19” touch screen monitor
  • Fast & simple blade change
  • SECS / GEM platform ready



Workpiece Size ∅8″
Spindle Two facing 1.8 kW or 2.2 kW,

max. 60,000 rpm

Blade Size 2″~3″
Y1/ Y2 Axis Control Linear encoder for each Y axis
Resolution 0.1 μm
Cumulative Accuracy 1.5 μm
Indexing Accuracy 1.0 μm
Cutting range 210 mm
X Axis Air Slide
Z1/Z2 Axis Resolution 0.2 μm
Repeatability 1.0 μm
Max. Stroke 30 mm (for 2.188” blade OD)
θ Axis Repeatability 4 arc-sec
Stroke 380°
Cleaning Station Full rinse and dry cycle
Spinning speed 100-3,000 rpm
Cleaning Method Atomized Cleaning Capabilities
Utilities Electrical 200-240VAC,50-60Hz,single phase
Dimension (W x D x H) mm 1820 × 1460 × 1015
Weight 1300 kg
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